Our Journey to Real Estate Passive Investment as Medical Professionals

March 27, 2022 By: Victoria Yap, MSN, RN,CNL

The year 2022 is a break-out year in so many ways (recovering from COVID, Ukraine vs Russian war, global inflation). Life begins at 40 is a common cliché, indeed it began for us as real estate investors. Now in our late 40s, we are claiming to grow even more by taking atomic habits to positive changes, seeking professional mentorship, and networking with the right-minded people to scale up.

As health care workers (both RNs), we were content on working our best and absolute nursing skills as ER nurses (Jasper) and OR nurses (me) respectively. We are also servant leaders in Couples for Christ (CFC) both honing us in keeping our integrity, service, discipline, and excellence values embedded in our lives and work ethics. Having 3 kids (18, 16, & 10) made us strive more to reach financial independence to afford a better future for our family while able to help and grow which could lead us to our vision board: achieve financial freedom to spend more quality time with people that matter to us (family, friends, and community) and support our passion work (mission volunteer and charitable works).

Going back to our early days of Real Estate (RE) ventures, we have been blessed to be supported by dear friends who helped us gain confidence in taking huge strides away from our comfort zones. We became nurses by day, entrepreneurs, and servant leaders on our off days, evenings, and weekends. When you have clear goals and take action, energy flows and drives you in the right direction. With the right mindset, willingness to learn, and equipping ourselves with continuing knowledge to handle the crazy demands.

As our journey continues, it is our hope to share with you our story and of others within our circle that influenced us so you will be inspired. We don’t know each other personally, but we will share it anyway. We believe in and embrace the law of abundance. The universe is vast, and so are our potentials. We came here to the US as working immigrants, started from zero, and worked our way up.

Hence, this concept of health and wealth enrichment blog site came to fruition. We need to be equally healthy in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social senses. Wealth is the by-product of this balance measured in our meaningful relationships and the achievement of personal goals (vision board). The journey is not easy. But with anything worth pursuing, it takes discipline, time, fortitude, and a lot of prayers to learn, grow, and produce results.